Any airport must give preventive maintenance to the pavement of the runways. INTEC-HC assists airports by providing an airport pavement maintenance program. These programs can be reactive or proactive. Proactive programs represent the best way to save money as they not only prolong the life of the pavement, but also reduce the closure of runways.

Our proactive programs include Subsurface Penetration Scanning studies which are used to observe underground gaps before they begin to break the pavement. Reactive programs can be as simple as re-leveling, providing support to the pavement subsurface, or changing the pavement as a whole. The maintenance program maintains pavement conditions with optimal performance at minimal cost. Providing periodic maintenance on the airport pavement can renew the conditions of the same prolonging its life.

  • Re-level airstrips
  • Reinforce subsoil under flexible pavement
  • Give firm support to concrete
  • Re-level buildings
  • Filling gaps
  • Avoid deformations in concrete sleds
  • Continuous pavement maintenance
  • Quickness
  • Non-Destructive Technology
  • Night work
  • Work carried out with International QA quality
  • 24-hour availability
  • Permanent solutions

Dallas Forth Worth Airport

Dallas Forth Worth Airport Maintenance for leveling, lifting and hydraulic sealing of roads, parking lots, ramps, roads and runways.

  • LAX-Los Angeles California Enses, seal of expansion joints and stabilization of slides and soils.
  • Government of China Participaci√≥n in basic and detailed engineering in 10 provinces of China for the construction of airports, highways, tunnels and railway infrastructure.
  • Andrews Air Force Base Washington, D.C.Soil stabilization and re-leveling of a section of the main runway used for presidential aircraft operations.
  • Cecil Airfied, Florida Enning and leveling a concrete runway.

 Gimpo International Airport, Korea

Government of South Korea Joint participation in the development of projects with the Airport Technological Research Institute of South Korea.