High-Tech non-distructive solutions for infrastructure

High-Tech Geophysical Prospection

Electrical Resistivity – High Frequency Microwaves

High-Definition 3D Laser Scanning

Scan rate of 1 million points per second

Polymers Deep Injection

Stabilization of Soils and Leveling of Structures

High Performance Growing Media

High capacity of water retention and aereation



  • Intec Corporation was incorporated in Texas since 1992 and is focused on providing goods and services for:
  • Engineering, for the stabilization of soils and leveling of structures through the injection of polymers, for the needs of any type of industry and sector; and
  • Agriculture, to saving water, improving productivity and increasing profitability, for the needs of opencast and protected agriculture, sports fields and golf courses, as well as gardening and urban beautification.


Our high-tech studies are grouped under the RODAR® concept and brand, a high-performance system that groups together a series of technologies that accurately, quickly, safely and in high resolution, analyze the conditions existing in different types of soils and structures at different depths, and also predicting the behavior and interaction of the soil/structure binomial, with different comparisons of geotechnical solutions using supermaterials or improving existing ones.


  • Electrical resistivity is a study to obtain geophysical data that is based on the induced polarization and the spontaneous potential of the system, to scan the soil and subsoil very precisely, and can be done in 2D and 3D volume sections.
  • We achieve this by drilling 1/2 inch holes in the ground and installing 28, 56 or 112 electrode modules that are integrated as a transmission and reception circuit in an automatic sequential way. The electric current circulates through the subsoil materials, creating an electric field whose potential is measured through the electrodes that make up the reception circuit.
  • The equipment used to obtain the field data has the goal of measuring the resistivity of the differential mass of the ground. The information is processed and the results are interpreted automatically using software and mathematical models. The results of vertical electrical soundings are grouped together to form geoelectric profiles.


  • This study consists of data acquisition through antennas that emit microwaves at a frequency of 10 billion signals per second that bounce off the subsoil layers, pavements, or the interior of concrete and masonry structures or any structure that uses stone materials.
  • Microwaves are measured and compared with mathematical models; the analysis of the generated data, allows to visualize and analyze the characteristics of these elements, determine the thickness and humidity in the different strata that make them up, detect underground infrastructure, internal components and holes in the subsoil.
  • The antennas can be adapted to any type of vehicle for working in different situations, and are capable of working with antennas of different frequencies simultaneously.
  • We have real-time visualization and storage of the information gathering, and data processing that measures variables and obtains results with very high precision.


  • Our laser scanning system is a state-of-the-art technology in the world. deliver highest quality 3D data and High-Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging at an extremely fast scan rate of 1 million points per second at ranges of up to 270m.
  • Unsurpassed range and angular accuracy paired with low range noise and survey-grade dual-axis compensation form the foundation for highly detailed 3D colour point clouds mapped in realistic clarity.
  • This three-dimensional information is used to prepare topographic plans, vector maps, 3D diagrams, calculation of volumes, location of deformations, contour lines, measurement of differential subsidence, etc.


  • This technology evaluates the elastic behavior of the pavement, and these data are used mainly to estimate the structural capacity of the pavement to design its improvement, determine if a pavement is overloaded or underdeformed and improve the resilient behavior of the pavement layers to thereby extend its useful life before different stress conditions.
  • This system is used for the analysis of highways, roads, airport pavements, port areas and railways. The equipment is generally contained within a trailer to be towed by a vehicle, although portable equipment is also available.
  • The equipment is designed to impart a load boost to the pavement surface that simulates the load produced by a rolling vehicle wheel. The load is produced by dropping a large weight and is transmitted to the pavement through a circular load plate. A load cell mounted on top of the plate measures the load imparted to the pavement surface.


  • Finite element analysis breaks problems and situations into their simplest and smallest parts, called finite elements. The equations that model these finite elements are solved and reassembled into the larger set of equations that model the entire problem.
  • The first step in finite element analysis is to develop a representative model of what a real-life object is going to do when placed within a boundary condition.
  • The benefit is that once you have the model, you can reproduce different conditions doing it in a controlled environment and without the need for physical tests.


INTEC CORPORATION’s Engineering division provides solutions based on an integrated system of state-of-the-art procedures and materials for application to soil stabilization and leveling of structures by injecting both  pre-expanded or expandable polymers, of high density and hydro-insensitive, in a precise, safe and fast way.

Both our diagnostic studies and the injection of polymers for solving your problem are minimally invasive, they do not require excavations or large works, but only perforations that go between 1/2 inch and 3 inches. It is not necessary to vacate the properties and in most cases, the furniture or equipment present in the facilities is not even moved.



  • Without interrupting the operation of the airport. We work out of takeoff and landing hours
  • The load capacity of takeoff runways, landing and taxiing, platforms and parking spaces for planes, both rigid and flexible, is increased.
  • Tracks and platforms are leveled
  • Slabs are changed on tracks
  • Dowels are leveled
  • Deformations in concrete slabs are avoided
  • Preventive maintenance is given to tracks and platforms
  • Unnecessary fuel lines and tanks are taken out of service
  • Leaks in the drinking water and sewage network are sealed



  • Embankments and channel edges are reinforced
  • Docks and piers that have been damaged by the waves are fixed
  • Crane and railroad tracks are leveled in the loading and unloading yards
  • Wet soils are strengthened
  • Leaking pipes are repaired from the outside

Roads and Bridges

  • Without interrupting the operation of the railway
  • Gaps caused by vibration under the railway tie are filled
  • Foundations on railway bridges are reinforced
  • The subgrade, base and drawers are reinforced and leveled to receive tracks
  • Built-in tracks are leveled
  • Leaking pipes are sealed from outside
  • Experience in the use of PAVER™ , the Pavement Maintenance Management System.



  • Repair micro holes in flexible pavements.
  • Fill eroded pipes avoiding future further damage.
  • Disused pipes and tanks.
  • Seal wells and pipelines in mines.
  • Preserve dam walls and channels.
  • Preserve marine piers, fill large holes in the subsoil.
  • Cover and seal underground pipes.



  • Without interrupting the operation of the railway
  • Gaps are filled under the sleepers caused by vibration
  • The foundation on railway bridges is reinforced
  • The subgrade, base and drawers are reinforced and leveled to receive tracks
  • Built-in tracks are leveled
  • Leaking pipes are sealed from outside



  • Water inlets are sealed
  • Soils are reinforced to facilitate tunnel drilling
  • Tracks for railroads and heavy transport are leveled
  • Support capacity of the ground is reinforced to receive vibrating and trepidatory machines
  • Roads for crane movement and material transport equipment are leveled
  • Towers and silos are leveled



  • Without interrupting the warehouse operations and frequently even without moving the shelves and furniture
  • Without interrupting sales
  • Without interrupting production
  • Dust free
  • Slabs of warehouses, parking lots and maneuvering yards are leveled
  • Sales floors are leveled
  • Drinking water and sewage pipes are sealed
  • Capacity of the floor and bases to receive dynamic loads is increased
  • Vibration of machinery due to lack of support is eliminated
  • Access rails are leveled

Historical Heritage


  • The worldwide experience of our method in historical and heritage buildings ensures that these buildings will be treated with the best care if they need to be leveled.
  • Maintains the original visual characteristics and aesthetic appearance of the intervened infrastructure



  • Allows immediate habitability
  • Without interrupting residential use
  • Cracks and fissures caused by differential subsidence are fixed
  • Without damaging coatings
  • Foundation of slabs and piles is reinforced
  • Residential floors, parking lots, garage entrances and drains are leveled
  • Frequently without moving the furniture in the rooms
  • Assets are revitalized

Public Buildings


  • Without interrupting public services
  • Bearing capacity of the foundation is reinforced
  • Unevenness in the floors of buildings are repaired
  • Buildings affected by differential subsidence are leveled
  • Tilt of buildings and facilities are reduced
  • Helps preserve the asset



  • Leveling and commissioning of large tanks in storage and distribution farms
  • Stabilization of complexes
  • Location of pipelines and stabilization of pumping stations
  • Stabilization of pipelines for gas and oil
  • Take polyducts, ducts and storage tanks out from service, filling them with inert polymeric foams.
  • Inspection of drains with robots and video cameras
  • Soundings and location of ductwork and induced work
  • Sealing of drains runoff
  • Stabilization and leveling of slabs

Urban infrastructure


  • Avenues with differential subsidence are repaired
  • Water and drainage pipelines are sealed without interrupting traffic on avenues
  • Toxic gas warning systems are installed in drainage and sewerage



  • Load capacity is increased in the pre-construction stage
  • Gaps and voids are filled
  • Subsidences due to compaction failures are corrected
  • Increased resistance to damage from seismic activity
  • Unstable soils are improved
  • Sandy soils stabilized
  • Liquefaction of soils is reduced

Dredging and breakwaters


  • INTEC CORPORATION, has specialized suction dredging equipment for the construction of breakwaters and fillings. We have the experience of having solved various problems with the erosion of the coasts and dredging of navigation areas.


INTEC CORPORATION’s green division manufactures, distributes, and markets a high-tech, lightweight substrate, to be used alone or mixed with soils or other substrates, that releases water as its environment dries, keeping more nutrients and oxygen available, thereby achieving increased productivity of plants and grasses, reducing production costs and increasing profitability, without impact to the environment.



hydroFLAKES® standard is a very light and biodegradable substrate, which is non-toxic and does not impact the environment.
When mixed with soil, it has the capacity to retain up to 60% of its volume of water.
The technology of its elaboration allows the product to release the water in dosages as its environment dries. hydroFLAKES® has been used for more than 20 years worldwide and has a life of 7 to 10 years in optimal conditions.

hydroFLAKES® plus

hydroFLAKES® plus is the most select of the substrates and has the same characteristics as hydroFLAKES®, but with neutral pH that accelerates the growth of the roots. It can be used in hydroponic systems only, in addition to being able to mix with soil or other substrate.


hydroFOAM® is a foam that is injected below the surface of new and existing green areas. It provides the same benefits as hydroFLAKES® with a faster and more effective application since it is applied with an injection machine.


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Opencast and Protected Agriculture


  • Makes propagation of plant species easier
  • Increases the productivity of your crops and varieties
  • Saves water, fertilizers and nutrients.
  • Decreases the costs of electrical energy and labor.
  • Decreases the risks of spread of plagues and diseases
  • Decreases the weight of growing media
  • Increases the speed of fruit production
  • Prevents the possibility of plant rotting due to excess water
  • Improves the firmness of the fruits
  • Improves the characteristics of another substrate that is already in use

Gardening and urban beautification


  • Generates significant water savings
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Facilitates the maintenance of green areas in public spaces
  • Facilitates its application in non-traditional green areas, such as green roofs or vertical gardens
  • Decreases the mortality rate of ornamental plants
  • Generates the possibility of exporting live plants, with light and inert soils
  • Increase shelf life of plants

Sport fields and golf courses


  • Increases the greenness of the fields.
  • Generates significant water savings. There are documented tests where a 50% saving in the irrigation needs of a golf course has been verified.
  • Improves the volume of healthy roots in a short time
  • It improves the characteristics of the existing grass adding it during the maintenance and reconstruction tasks.
  • Guarantees the optimal performance of the added grass during the construction of the sports field

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